About Us

Leaders in green logistics excellence.

About Us

Eco-Centric Commitment

As sustainability is becoming a key business priority and many companies are focusing on it, we turned our attention towards better warehouse and distribution solutions. We closely monitor energy consumption and waste generated in the warehouse. Warehouse sustainability also promotes the well-being of employees and the surrounding community. It creates a safe and healthy work environment.

Our History


The eighties saw the inception of Ruby Group, when Sri P. Narasimhaiah Chetty, a first-generation entrepreneur, laid the foundation as a retailer in the pharmaceutical industry.


In the early nineties, the second generation, Mr.P.N. Jagadish, elder son of Sri P. Narasimhaiah Chetty, continued to strive for newer heights and widened the base under the able guidance of Sri P. Narasimhaiah Chetty. They enabled the Ruby Group of Companies to realize its potential in the national arena and upgraded the business to C&F Agencies with a focus on receipt, storage, and dispatch of pharmaceutical products in South India.


There was no looking back, and the number of business partners went on increasing on a pan-India basis, starting with Sail from Bangalore and its long list of premium clients. In a span of 35 years, Ruby Group achieved immense heights and was proud of its success in its chosen field of LSP.


Mr. P.N. Jagadish, distinctly with different management styles but with exactly the same business principles, started his own Treetop Group. Mr.Jagdish believes in personality type and leadership style. He has been more focused on problem-solving, improving Business skills: “No matter what industry you’re in, it is important to establish bonds with those you do business with," he says. He moves forward, as continuous improvement is the policy of his company, which encourages all employees to look for ways to enhance business operations. This includes suggesting ideas to improve efficiencies, evaluating current processes, and finding opportunities to cut unproductive work.

Our Board of Management

Treetop’s Board of Management leads with a strategic vision, driving sustainable logistics excellence. Committed to our values of sustainability, transparency, efficiency, and employee well-being, they guide the company towards visionary goals. With a focus on warehousing and distribution services, cold-chain management, and stock transparency, the Board ensures Treetop’s position at the forefront of eco-centric logistics solutions.

Their leadership fosters a culture where ambition meets purpose, fulfilling industry needs with client-focused, green logistics. The Board’s dedication to creating a safe, healthy work environment reflects Treetop’s commitment to employee well-being, community impact, and overall corporate responsibility in the ever-evolving landscape of sustainable business practices.

Meet our Team

Dedicated experts driving sustainable logistics with client-centric solutions and transparent operations.

Honorable Chairman

P. N. Jagdesh

Vice Chairman

Hari Srinivas. M

Senior General Manager

D. Satyanarayana raju


Ram Roshan

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